wffweb - Java framework to develop web applications

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We provide two modes of support, free support and paid support.

Free support

If you are unable to achieve a requirement with wffweb, we will provide free solution for how to get it done. For that, you have to create a ticket with help wanted label. And we will also publish the solution provided in our website for others reference.

If your project is hosted in a domain say and you want some technical help for that specific project requirements, we can provide you free private support if you place a link Powered by wffweb pointing to website.

Paid support

If you have specific requirements to get it done but you don't want to code it yourself then you can request for a paid support to our developers can code it for you. If you want to get support for integrating wffweb to your existing project, you can request for paid support. There are two categories of paid support, Pay per requirement and pay per developer.

Pay per requirement

You have to pay only for your requirements. The charges depend upon the requirements. Once we receive your requirement we will analyze and estimate the cost and let you inform. We will work on it only after your approval.

Pay per developer

You will be provided a dedicated developer to get your work done. There are few categories of developer, 40 hours/week developer, 32 hours/week developer and 24 hours/week developer. The developer will be available to work in your time zone. The payment is made on monthly basis.

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