wffweb - Java framework to develop web applications

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This developer guide is based on latest version of wffweb-2.x.x because wffweb-1.x.x provides just to generate html/css but wffweb-2.x.x comes with server-client bi-directional communication, event handling, writing server side/client side code etc... Before getting started with code watch this video to understand the main features of wffweb-2.x.x version. The wffweb-2.x.x is decoupled with java ee modules so you have to configure your project before use. The configurations may be different on different servers you are using. Sample projects configured for tomcat 8 can be downloaded from here.

Note :- Unless you set these configurations, wffweb is a simple html/css generator framework and no other unwanted classes like classes for client-server communication etc.. will be loaded into memory. For this advantage, it's decoupled with Java EE modules.

As wffweb-2.x.x is still under development for bug fix, optimizations and feature upgrades so always use the latest version and check if there is any change in the configuration.

Java version

wffweb requires Java 1.7 or later

Browser compatibility

Currently, wffweb applications are compatible with only html5 supported browsers because it uses html5 websocket at client side.

Server compatibility

Server should support websocket.

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