wffweb - Java framework to develop web applications

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Current Features

Generate html5 / css3 or custom html / css from java code

All types of charset support which is useful when internationalization / globalization / localization is required

Server client bi-directional communication to update UI at any level

Event handling at server side and client side

Perform browser actions using BrowserPageAction, eg:- refresh ui on server restart.

Send JavaScript object (can also contain binary data) from client to server (receive at server side as WffBMObject)

Send java object (WffBMObject which can also contain byte array) from server to client

Custom server side methods (which can be called from client side using javascript just like an ajax call)

Execute JavaScript at client side from server (send some javascript code from server and execute it at client side)

TagRepository class for all tags in BrowserPage.Know more about it.

Future Features

In 3.x.x, TagRepository will contain finding methods with parallel batch operations.

Kotlin for JavaScript so that instead of writing pure javascript code in a String variable we can use Kotlin to write JavaScript (under research)

Update UI state in multiple tabs (as an optional feature)

Real-time diagrams / charts /graphs etc.. (addon jar)

Audio streaming features

Video streaming features

Live audio/video conference/streaming P2P features (addon jar)

Additional support for WebRTC for audio/video conference/streaming (addon jar)

Integration of WFF Multiplexing algorithm to handle different parts of UI simultaneously

Application Server Decentralization features for wffweb app, will be known as wffweb decentralized app. Read more..

plug-in for IntelliJ

plug-in for Eclipse

plug-in for MyEclipse

plug-in for NetBeans

Tool for Chrome

API for all mobile platforms (mainly for Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows). Check out its advantages.

Future wff modules

It's a NoSQL database for storing / retrieving / streaming binary data. This database is developed using artificial intelligence (AKA AI) / data mining technologies / algorithms and they are still in research. It's capable of handling infinite amount of data. It doesn't keep duplicate data so the size of the db will not increase rapidly. Insertion / update / look up time is less than the current database technologies available today. Its development is expected to be started in 2017-2019.